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Clare Fleming, Jill McIntosh, Shelley Simpson

21-24th March 2022

Public (AUT students and staff) viewing 11am - 2pm

St Paul St Gallery 3

27 St Paul St, Auckland

Online documentation here

Facilitation aligns to the field of relation, to its tastes, its feelings, its immanent shapings, and it carries this differential potential across the productive abyss of nonconscious and conscious experience. 

Erin Manning, The Minor Gesture


Clare Fleming, Jill McIntosh and Shelley Simpson are three PhD candidates with diverse practices and a common interest in the affective tonality of the event. Fielding is synchronous to studio research, a processual glimpse into the becoming-of. Through modulation of the environment the project acts as facilitator, co-composing a flow of relations. 

In lieu of an opening, we welcome AUT students and staff to join the three of us from Monday 21 to Thursday 24 March between 11-2pm.

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